About school


Nature school of Panevezys is non – profit school informal environmental education, financed from the municipal budget.

The school was established in an old pre – war lawyer Ceslovas Petraskevicius homestead. It is territory encompasses the area over 4 hectars where natural objects intervine with educational spaces, exhibition of zoological collections, playing tracks, flower gardens, arable land lots, equipment of the environmental park exhibition, etc.

The school is open to everyone who is interested in an environmentally friendly life style and to those willing to learn more about taking care of animals,  plants and longing for closer contacts with nature. „Enter being good and leave having become better" - such is a short description of an educational – informational – recreational space dedicated to a Man‘s reconciliation with Nature park.

The school vision

Nature school is integrated into a common educational space of harmonious development providing informal environmental education for children and cherishing a special educational environment – an open focus of environmental education for local community.

The school educational philosophy

„You become eternally responsible with whom you make friends“. This expression is from a prominent writers Antuan de Sent – Egziuperi‘s book „The Little Prince“ and it has become the basis of the school training philosophy.

Closeness of real nature, experienced feelings and active environmental activity becomes an eternal responsibility for everything alive“

Friendship with nature, close connections with environmental surrauding objects and phenomena create a favourable background for the development of the system of valuable rules during the research processes.

Children attend School one day every week in the afternoon and enrolled for the entire school year. Classes run for 35 weeks from September until June. Every school year about 400 children take part in the programmes activity.

The school pupils are engaged into other activity: competitions, contests, excursion, exhibishes and other events. Various self – expression forms enable children of different capabilities deepen their knowledge about the surrounding world and children in order to establish closer contacts with nature.